The First Electric Heavy Machinery Fair

in Turkey

08-11 June 2022, İstanbul

Electric Heavy Machinery Types to be showcased in e-mach Turkey

Construction Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Mining Machinery

Forestry Machinery

e-mach Turkey '22 : Connected, Autonomous, Eco-friendly

We are glad to invite you to the 1st Electric and Hybrid Heavy Machinery Fair in Turkey: “e-mach Turkey 2021”.


In addition to the increase in the battery-electric cars, buses, and trucks which is rapidly reshaping the road-based transport of goods and people, “heavy machinery” sector should never be ignored due to sector’s;

  • large fleet of vehicles

  • diverse set of applications


Electric-powered heavy machinery has been the trend in the past few years and the Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Market is projected to reach USD 29.8 Billion by 2027 from an Estimated USD 4.9 Billion in 2019.


Reasons for Electrification in Heavy Machinery Sector


  • Substantial advancements in battery performance

  • Decrease in battery cost and prices

  • Global and local environmental concerns and introduction of stringent emission regulations

  • Better and more available charging technologies

  • Lower lifetime maintenance cost


Benefits of Electrification in Heavy Machinery Sector


  • Low Noise

  • Low Vibration

  • Improved Energy-Efficiency

  • Automation - New application scenarios for semi/fully automated machines and robots

Other Types of Machinery